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Custom Paintings


Custom Paintings are available on many different sizes. As small as a 16X24 canvas and as a large as a 48X60 canvas with many different sizes in between. Paintings can be made of portraits, photographs, landscapes, animals, abstracts, pop art, etc.
We ship across all states within the USA. 

The way it works: 

  1. Contact us at or 210.863.4445.
  2. Tell us about the painting/color scheme you want.
  3. We will quote price.
  4. 50% deposit to start painting.
  5. 50% once painting is completed.
  6. We ship nationally and internationally on all custom paintings.  

**Anything is possible in the world of Giovanna Diz Zurita Gallery. Here are some painting samples done for our customers** 

  • Wedding, Personal or Family Portraits. 
  • Animal or Pet Paintings.
  • Landscape Paintings.
  • Abstract Paintings.
  • Children's Room.
  • Favorite Icon or picture from that special occasion.
  • Anything you can imagine can be done in the unique style of  Giovanna Diz Zurita. 

    We offer abstract paintings.  We ship across all states in the USA.

    Get that favorite moment transformed into a canvas.  We ship across all states in the USA.